The Daroko Power Styler – A Ceramic Attachment With Amazing Results

daroko power styler

Daroko Power Styler – Watch The Power Styler In Action…

What Is The Power Styler?

Daroko Power Styler – is a ceramic coated hairdryer attachment that fits onto the end of straight edged, flat hairdryer nozzles. Order It Online Here

What Does The Power Styler Do?

The Styler helps to create shinier, smoother looking blow dries in less time, which last longer than usual.

How Does The Power Styler Work?

The ceramic coated attachment heats up more than a regular plastic hairdryer nozzle which helps speed up the hair drying process and helps set your style for longer. The ceramic material helps smooth down the hair cuticle which helps create smoother and shinier looking hair.

Winner of Beauty Award 2014
The Daroko Power Styler

Cut Your Blow Dry Time in Half with The Power Styler

This unique attachment allows you to blow-dry and straighten hair simultaneously—saving you time in your appointments and achieving perfect, polished blow-dries that will last and last! The Power Styler consists of two high-quality, ceramic-coated plates that smooth the hair cuticle, leaving hair looking healthy and shiny.

The durable, repositionable clips allow the Power Styler to be fitted onto almost all straight-edged hairdryer nozzles. It will help set any style—from straight to wavy to curly—for much longer than the traditional blow-dry. Better yet—you’ll cut your drying time in half!

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