Upstyle Masterclass with Sarah Mason

Hair and Barber’s Market Tools Used:

  • Hair and Barber’s Market Upstyle Session Kit
  • Straightening Iron for flat curls
  • Carbon anti-static combs
What a talented lady Sarah Mason is! Trifecta Salon in Ennis was the venue for this Upstyle Masterclass with the award winning hairdresser, and she didn’t disappoint. There were several ‘wow’ moments throughout the class,¬†as Sarah demonstrated an amazing funky party style complete with ribbon, and later on showed off her abilities with a gorgeous five way plait.


Party upstyle
The perfect Christmas party upstyle for big hair lovers, complete with black ribbon.
After providing plenty of food for thought with some gorgeous party pieces, Sarah moved on to demonstrate how to achieve the always in demand classic chignon. The five way plait really added the wow factor to the piece, and left everyone with fingers itching to try it out themselves.


A classic chignon with a five way plait
A classic chignon with a five way plait
Long hair was not a requirement for Sarah’s gorgeous upstyles! Later in the afternoon she demonstrated a floating curls style which is perfect for anyone with a bob who wants something special for an event.
A floating curls up style suitable for shorter hair.
A floating curls up style suitable for shorter hair.
Finally the day ended with a hands on workshop, which provided the opportunity for the attendees to get some practical experience with the styles demonstrated whilst Sarah provided individual advice and pointers. All in all, a wonderful learning experience with a talented lady! Thanks to everyone who attended for making it such an enjoyable session.
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